It's what drives us.
With our leading emotional analytics platform,
we simplify the complex process of understanding people.

Market Landscaping

Understand how your customers and prospects feel about your brands, products and services. Gain and maintain a competitive advantage through continuous market monitoring in real time.

Emotional Segmentation

Enhance segmentation by understanding each audience's emotional characteristics. Understand Who, What, When, Where, How and, most importantly, Why. Utilize the knowledge of what drives each segment for customer retention and acquisition.

Competitive Intelligence

Identify emerging threats and opportunities with real-time competitive intelligence and ongoing tracking. Compare your market position with your competition to make efficient and informed strategic decisions about audience messaging, strategic investments and tactics.

Campaign Effectiveness

Quantify the emotional impact of your marketing campaign. Measure your emotional connection with the target audience, and that of your competitors' campaigns. Create and refine messaging that drives preferred behavior.

Audience Influencer Monitoring

Track the Key Opinion Leaders and discover the Key Emotional Influencers that move your audiences. Measure their emotional state around topics and trends while you obtain advance knowledge of potential impact.

Brand Equity Assessment

Uncover audience perceptions, emotional connections, motivational influences, behavior and much more. Measure emotional equity within audiences to track progress toward performance objectives with meaningful insights into how people really feel.

Customer Service Improvement

Streamline your customer service operation by better understanding the emotions and behaviors of your customers and customer service associates.

Workforce Intelligence

Happier, more engaged employees lead to better customer experiences. Understand your employees at a deeper level... their perceptions, engagement, motivations, and overall employee satisfaction.


Leverage the expertise of our Big Data and Insights & Analytics teams to address your most challenging problems. Our experts work closely with our customers to understand their real needs and deliver customized technology and service solutions.

Our technology platform helps identify and uncover audience perceptions, emotional connections, motivational influences, behavior and much more. Our experts will help you make better decisions by helping you understand how people really feel.


Interactive Insights℠ Dashboard
Using our unique emotional and behavioral analytics, our team of Insights Analysts will help you customize powerful visualizations to provide you with unparalleled market and competitive intelligence.

SMARTview Online℠
Web-based application delivers ongoing, real-time measurement and monitoring of your competitive landscape, as well as the emotional connection your customers have with you and with your competitors' products, brands and services.


SMARTview Analyst℠
SMARTview Analyst is an advanced workflow management and analytics dashboard for our platform. It provides a comprehensive view of your marketplace with the added ability to track Key Opinion Leaders and discover Key Emotional Influencers.

Emotional Analytics Platform as a Service (PaaS)
Partners and customers will be able to take advantage of our exhaustive data collection capabilities, push unique data sets through our big data engine, and utilize the results of our advanced emotional and behavioral analytics within their applications or dashboards.

By using our advanced science, technology and the best and brightest talent, we measure and interpret emotions, behaviors and influence around global communications.

We help customers understand people and empower them with insights that allow them to act to affect positive change.

Our Mission

We believe Emotion Moves the World.

Our mission is to bring clarity to data and scientific measurement to emotion. We simplify the complex process of understanding emotions from vast amounts of digital content. We provide customers with unparalleled, real-time intelligence and empower them to change perceptions that drive behaviors.

Our Customers

Marketing Agencies
Consumer Goods
Financial Services
Media & Entertainment
Travel & Hospitality

Our Background

We were founded in 2012 to help our customers solve challenging problems by utilizing our unique ability to quantify emotion and unlock behavioral cues from digital communication.

We are a team of Scientists, Technologists, and Insights Analysts with expertise in Big Data, Product Design and Engineering, Combinatorial Mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, Computational Linguistics, Spectral Graph Theory, Market Research and Analytics.

Our proprietary technology enables us to mine many different types of digital communication channels and social conversations to extract and analyze emotional content. This analysis is performed in context and empowers us to deliver valuable insights to our customers.

Our products and services include Analytics and Insights, Dynamic Dashboards and Enterprise Solutions.